Galaxy S10 Lite – Powerful But Looks Simple

During CES, Samsung unveiled these two phones the Note 10 lite and the S10 lite. With a name lite it should be pretty self-explanatory when it comes to what these phones are all about.

They’re named after Samsung’s flagship that I think Samsung is looking to get more eyes on what they’re capable of doing with a mid-range smartphone like their A series of phones. You could look at this like a Galaxy S10 plus stripped of most of its luxuries, only to be left with some essentials.

In a package that costs half as much as top-tier flash ships. Those essentials being good battery life, good cameras, good performance and a good display. Now of course what’s considered essential may differentiate from person person but to me these essentials are things that phones especially nowadays cannot do without.

If you’re someone who needs their phone to have an IP rating, wireless charging, a high refresh rate, quad HD display and stereo speakers then this isn’t the phone for you. Because yes the s10 lite is missing all of those things. It’s kind of the whole point of this phone.

Simple & Good Design

The hardware is nice, it’s got a simple and clean design, it’s kind of boring but it’s still clean it’s pretty premium looking with those shiny metal edges. It doesn’t feel cheap even though the back is Samsung’s mix of glass and plastic. There’s no dedicated Bisby key. The power button is positioned correctly and an easier to reach spot. This is a huge phone, it’s a bit larger than the S10 plus. It got a very good big bright punchy display. It’s nice to look at even though it is 1080p at 394 pixels per inch with a 60 Hertz refresh rate.

Good Battery Life

The display is completely flat and it still has minimal bezels. The battery life is probably the thing that stood out the most. Screen on time is right up there with the best. We’re talking about seven to eight hours of screen on time after heavy usage but what really stood out is the standby time when the phone is idle. The battery basically sits still even with all of the notifications that are pulling. Super Fast Charging – 30 min.

Good Performace

Wireless charging isn’t here, being able to juice this phone up super quickly is great. Snapdragon 855 and 6 gigs of ram performance in general is as it should be. It’s very good just because it’s using last year’s processor doesn’t mean it can’t handle today’s tasks it just works there’s. No lag no slowdowns it’s quick it’s powerful. It’ll handle all the games that you want to play, all the multitasking everyday and power user usage is no sweat that’s it thumbs up.

Good Cameras

Samsung made sure to not skimp on these cameras and they did a really good job of these. They’re not the best but the results sit right up there with what we get out of some of the best smartphone cameras available. It’s going to be tough finding a better camera experience in a mid-range phone.


You can use the face unlock and the optical fingerprint scanner so yes it’s not the ultrasonic one that we get with the main galaxy phones. So it may not be as secure but it is just a tad faster and it’s been pretty solid. 8 to 9 out of 10 times face unlock is quick – it’s basically the same as what you’d get on the other Galaxy phones. It’s quite accurate and thanks to the software, you can tweak it to your liking which is nice.

Disappointments in S10 Lite

The whole point of this phone was to leave off a few things for pricing purposes but some of these things could have been dealt with differently.

The first letdown is a big one for me and no it’s not the lack of a headphone jack. It’s the lack of stereo speakers. The S10 lite has single bottom firing speaker setup. It doesn’t sound all that great it gets about as loud as you need it to and thank goodness it doesn’t necessarily sound like a phone speaker from 2016. The pixel 3A has stereo speakers.

The haptics are underwhelming as well this is another area where Samsung could have easily made better than what they did. Not everyone really cares for good haptics but for some good haptics really bring the whole user experience together.

It’s a very simple phone that nails what it was made to do. If you don’t use speakers much then you can go for this phone. It’s a pretty good phone for the price range. You can get it in variety of ranges of RAM & Storage.

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