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Find the difference between friend and boy/girl friend using body language

Relationships can be complicated. Sometimes words can make a difference. Other times, not so much.
This is where gestures come into play. They say a lot without you having to utter a single word. Whether things have been going great with your partner, or you’ve been getting into a lot of fights lately, your body language will say everything about the state of your relationship. Are you avoiding eye contact? Are your hands always in your pockets? Are you always holding hands?

Body language : You’re walking Hand in Hand

Remember the first time you held hands with your partner? It’s always nerve wracking. It’s one of the simplest ways to show affection. It may seem cheesy to some of you, but handholding is always exciting.
It feels almost as if you’re one unit. Like there’s a special bond happening between the two of you. Since handholding is a sign of affection, it usually means the two of you are in a good place. You wouldn’t be holding hands if you were mad at each other, unless of course someone was forcing you to do so. In other words, holding hands means your relationship is working.

Body language : You’ve got each other’s back.

I’m not just talking figuratively, I mean literally as well. A healthy relationship means you’re always looking out for each other. This means you’re always by their side physically. It shows them you’re ready to step in when something goes wrong. I’m not talking about “stepping in” like you’re ready to fight. It can be something much more simple, like putting a jacket over them when they’re cold. It tells them you care about their comfort.

Your arms are intertwined.

This is a step above hand holding. When you see a couple linking arms, you’re looking at a mature relationship that’s grown over the years. This is pretty common with older married couples. They’ve been through thick and thin together, and are not leaving each other’s side. If your partner is into locking arms with you, this means they trust you and are comfortable being around you.

Body language : They have their hands in their pockets.

If you notice your partner hiding their hands inside their pockets as they interact with you, you might have a thing or two to worry about. Hiding your hands, especially in your pockets, while talking with a loved one means you’re not being completely transparent with them. Your partner may feel that you’re holding back words and emotions. Remember that a happy relationship is one where you’re comfortable speaking the truth. So, make sure your partner is okay, and ask them whether they want to say something.

They’re leaning.

One of the most common fears people have when getting into a relationship is their partner
eventually losing interest in them. If you’re haunted by this very thought, try and see if your partner leans towards you the next time you’re speaking. This shows that they’re interested in what you have to say.
That they’re invested and they want to hear more. If the two of you are sitting, and they lay their head on your shoulder, it means they’re truly comfortable to be around you. So, if you’re comfortable leaning into your partner, it means you’re in a good place in the relationship.

Body language : They sit on your lap.

This is a pretty obvious sign of affection. I mean, sitting in your partner’s lap? You’re not doing that without someone you hate. Depending on the setting, some people may even find it inappropriate. You have to be a different kind of bold to sit in your partner’s lap in public, or have them sit on yours. Mind you, it’s much more common in young couples than older couples. Nevertheless, this behavior shows that your relationship is in an exciting place, and you’re having the best time when you’re together.

Avoiding physical or eye contact.

When a relationship is falling apart, this is one of the early signs. It’s always heartbreaking when two people grow apart in body language. Your partner avoiding any kind of intimate contact clearly shows that they’re withholding some feelings, whether it’s love, whether it’s the truth, or both. Lack of eye contact clearly shows that something is missing between the two of you. If you’re doing it to them, they’ll get the message pretty quickly. Something is wrong and they want to know why. You should always watch out for this type of body language. It has no place in a healthy relationship.

Body language : You’re always exchanging little kisses.

You don’t need to know much about relationships to tell that two people giving each other little kisses all the time are absolutely smitten with each other. We all know those couples who seem like they kiss every second of the day. It’s almost frustrating to watch when it’s not us. But, kisses are the sweetest way to express love. So, if you and your partner are always giving each other little pecks here and there, it’s
safe to say things are going pretty good. Passion is a must in romantic relationships, and what better way to keep the fire burning than to make sure you kiss your sweetheart?

One leads while the other follows.

A relationship should be 50/50, right? No one should feel like they’re better than their partner just because they earn more, or are more qualified in the workplace. These types of thoughts and feelings should have no place in a relationship. At the same time, if your partner is still present, it will show through the couple’s body language. For example, when you choose to walk ahead of your partner.
It means you want to lead them instead of walking alongside them. This shows a gross imbalance in the relationship. But, there can be some exceptions in this case. For example, when you walk ahead of your partner to open the door for them, it’s a sweet gesture and indicates that you care.

Their arms are always crossed.

I mean, this one’s pretty obvious. Keeping your arms crossed around your partner is not the most romantic gesture. It usually indicates defensiveness. If your partner keeps their arms crossed around you often, pay attention to the conversation. They may start growing evasive. Their arms being crossed means that they’re setting a boundary around you. The reason for this can be anything from anxiety, to insecurity, to an overall lack of interest. You might want to address this behavior in a calm and gentle manner. It may be your approach to confrontation that is driving them away in the first place. It’s a tough conversation, but it needs to happen if your relationship is going to have a chance.

You’re constantly mirroring each other.

When you’ve spent a considerable amount of time with someone, you tend to pick up
on their habits. It may even get to the point where you start copying each other. A lot of the time, you won’t even realize it. Someone else will point it out for you. This is usually a sign that you like the other person’s style. So, if you catch your partner moving or talking like you, chances are they’re into you. The same goes for when you’re acting like them. It doesn’t matter how long the relationship has gone on for, you still enjoy they’re habits. So much so, you’ve adopted a few of them yourself.

They’re looking at you with inappropriate facial expressions.

Your facial expressions are a primary form of body language. You can almost instantly read a person’s emotions just by looking at their face. Unless they’re hiding something from you, a smile usually means they’re happy with you. But, the same goes for negative facial expressions. If they roll their eyes at you after you speak, there’s probably something wrong. A quick smirk is also a pretty good indicator of this. There’s definitely trouble in paradise if your partner’s trading these expressions with you often. Do your best to be open with them and see what’s wrong.

You’re hitting each other with the perpetual gaze.

We talked a minute ago about not maintaining eye contact. It’s bad for a relationship. But, what does it mean when you do the exact opposite? It’s usually a sign that the two of you are extremely attracted to each other. I mean attraction to the point where it’s past fooling around. Do you and your partner ever find each other having wordless conversations? You just stare at one another for minutes at a time? If yes, you’ve probably gotten to know each other so well, you don’t even need to say words to know what they’re thinking. It’s almost like you’re communicating telepathically. This is usually a sign that you’re ready to take your relationship to the next level.

Can’t keep your hands off of each other.

This one is a no-brainer. Can’t keep your hands off of your partner? It simply shows your desire for intimacy. Things are getting spicy between you. It’s gotten to the point where you just can’t get enough of them. You’ve grown so fond of each other, your love language is physical touch. With that said, don’t make the mistake of thinking that touching your partner only means physical attraction and nothing else. Sometimes we do it for the sake of comfort. We want to know they’re around so we feel safe. Sometimes we reach out for them without even realizing. It’s like a reflex. This is just another form of intimacy keeping your relationship alive.

Your body language can reveal pretty much everything that’s going on between you and your partner. So, it’s always a good idea to observe and make sure that the two of you are doing well as a couple.

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