Famous places and their secrets

Famous places and their secrets – secret, when you hear this word, there is something unknown curiosity in us to know about it. There are many monument places in the world with hidden secrets. Let’s see…

Personal room in the Eiffel Tower

Gustave Eiffel & Thomas Edison

The Eiffel Tower is the tallest building and Gustave Eiffel built it in Paris, France. At the end of the tower, Eiffel built a room specially for him. No one had access to the room except him. Thomas Edison was one of the few people who entered into it in his surviving days. Tourists are not allowed into it. But it is possible to see the room through the window. A special fee is charged for this.

Another secret in Mount Rushmore

Mount Rushmore

Sculptor Guttan Borg built faces of people who served as Persident of United States of America. A room is built on the back of Abraham Lincoln’s sculpture. They have planned to save documents related to America’s history init but it didn’t happen. Now the room is empty and not in use.

Tennis court in railway station

Grand Central Terminal

The Grand Central Terminal is one of the busiest railway stations in New York. There was once a tennis court init. It is called Annex. It is currently used as a recording studio. Although everyone is allowed to go here many people do not know about its history.

Basketball court in Supreme Court

Supreme Court

It was the apex Court of America. Many celebrities and businessmen come there for various cases. The whole atmosphere is busy. Do you believe that there is a basketball court in such a place? Of course.. There is a basketball court in the last floor of the American Supreme Court building. Clerks and off-duty police officers play basketball there. Only Supreme Court staff others are not allowed there.

A church under Lincoln’s statue

Abraham Lincoln Statue

The huge statue of former US President Abraham Lincoln was built in Washington. The bottom of the statue is about 43,800 sq. ft. The construction of the building was started in 1914. At that time, the empty space below statue was left like that. But, in 1975, a church was built in that vacant space as part of the reconstruction work. But no one is allowed there now.

103rd floor in Empire State Building

Empire State Building

It is on of the extraordinary monuments in the United States. Everyone will think that there are only 102 floors in that building. But there is also another floor in the last part. Into it, only the engineers who are looking at the building management will have access along with celebrities like Taylor Swift.

If you know more famous places and their secrets. Please share with us.