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Easy & Healthy Back-To-School Breakfasts For Kids

School is back, which means your kids need a good meal in the morning to get their day going. This can be a hassle for parents, especially if you don’t have a ton of time on your hands. We’re gonna take a look at some breakfast options that will keep your little one filled up. Are smoothies on the list? What about muffins and pancakes?

Breakfasts For Kids – Hard-boiled eggs

Our first pick on the list is also one of the most popular. Eggs are healthy, filling, and versatile. There are so many ways to eat them. Scrambled, fried, sunny side up, omelets, deviled eggs, sandwiches, wraps. They will give your kid everything they need, while also being delicious. Nothing is quicker than a classic hard-boiled egg. It’s easy to make, and so good to eat. It only takes a few minutes to do. On top of that, it’s an amazing protein source, with lots of vitamins and choline, which is essential for brain development.

Are you in too much of a rush in the morning to boil? A faster way to roll eggs out onto the breakfast table is to boil a bunch at the beginning of every week. Once you’re done, put them in your fridge. This way, all you need to do is grab an egg or two in the morning, and breakfast is ready in no time. Now, we’re not saying you need to eat them cold. Simply put those eggs into a hot cup of water for a couple of minutes. This makes the eggs warm.

Whatever you do, don’t put them in the microwave. They might explode, leaving you with a morning mess to clean up. For more exciting flavors, take these eggs and sprinkle some salted cheese as a topping. Heat it in the microwave for a few seconds. You can also put ketchup, sriracha or hot sauce on for a little kick.

Breakfasts For Kids – Smoothies

When you’re in a rush to get out the door, it’s easier to let your kid drink their breakfast rather than sit and eat it. Smoothies to the rescue! To make delicious smoothies, you just need to freeze the fruit of your choice ahead of time. Make colored smoothie freezer packs in a zip lock bag for the week. Pick a favorite smoothie recipe, and when it’s time for breakfast, just take the frozen fruit and blend it up with milk, juice, or yogurt.

The frozen fruits will give your smoothie a creamy, thick texture. You can also keep small smoothie jars ready the night before. Blend all these ingredients, and store them in a clear glass jar with a tight lid. You can never fall short of smoothie ideas. You can squeeze in some spinach, beetroot, peanut butter, and berries. The options are endless. Don’t forget the strawberries, mangoes, pineapples, and bananas that help the color pop. Not only will these smoothies attract your kids, they’ll end up wanting more. Before we move ahead, here’s something else that might interest you.

Breakfasts For Kids – Pancakes and waffles

Well this kid-favorite is something you can whip together in no time. If you’re already cooking for Sunday brunch, just make an extra batch of pancakes or waffles. Pick up fully cooked pieces, and pack them into a freezer-safe container. Remember to separate them with mini sheets of freezer paper so they don’t clump together. This can make your mornings even quicker. The next time your tot asks you for their favorite pancakes or waffles, just take a piece out of the freezer, warm it up for a few minutes, and it’ll be as good as the freshly prepared kind.

Drizzle generous amounts of maple syrup, jam or peanut butter. For the perfect recipe, get a few eggs. Add them to a mixture of almond flour or all-purpose flour. You can also add some butter and baking powder. This will make those pancakes and waffles soft and fluffy. For all the busy parents who don’t mind spending extra time on breakfast, double the batter and keep it stored in an airtight box in your fridge. It’s worth it.


Get your kids fueled up with some energy-packed muffins. The first trick to making the perfect muffin is to use smaller muffin trays. This helps them fit the entire muffin in their tiny hands so they can easily eat it. You can also use smaller paper cups depending on the consistency of your batter. If you’re struggling for time, make some muffin batter and throw it in the freezer. The weekend would be perfect for making a whole batch at once, and freezing it in a container. When they’re ready to make, take them out. Just remember to give it a quick warm-up in order to get them moist and tender. Top them with some fruit or chocolate drizzle, and your bakery-style muffins are ready for your kids.

The choice of fruit entirely depends on your kid’s taste. Use bananas, apples, strawberries, raisins, chocolate or any other fruit you have at home. You can even add some crispy bacon, cheese, ham, tomatoes, eggs and spinach. Yes, spinach! If your kids hate seeing green or red things in their muffin, they can be made with plain eggs. Season them with salt and pepper. Not only are these great for your kids, adults will also want to devour them. Let these muffins cook for about 20 minutes, until they’re golden brown on the top.

Granola bars

These have been a kid-friendly favorite for decades now. Who doesn’t remember getting a granola bar in their lunch bag? Well they’re also terrific for breakfast! Individually wrapped granola bars serve as the ultimate quick and healthy treat. It’s something your kid can grab on their way to the school bus. Adults also won’t be able to keep their hands off of these fabulous bars. Granola serves as a great snack for your road trips, post-workouts, and even long hikes. You can get them in a wide variety like chocolate chip, pecan, almond, hazelnut, and dried fruit.

For health-conscious adults, add in some flax, pumpkin or sunflower seeds to up the nutrition. Add flavors like vanilla bean, oat, butter, honey, and brown sugar. This will make your granola bars chewy. Most of them don’t require you to do any hardcore baking, which leaves you lots of time for your other chores.

Overnight oats

Have you been trying to get your kids to cook for themselves? If so, you obviously have to take baby steps. Overnight oats are perfect for getting them started. Before bed, just bring your gang into the kitchen. Ask them to pick up oats, almonds, or coconut milk. Regular dairy works great as well. Frozen fruit, nut butter, dried fruit, and obviously oats are also needed. With all of this now together, they will make their very own customized breakfast for the next morning.

Oats are filled with fiber and vitamins, and can enhance your gut health. They will give your kid all the essential nutrients they need to build up their immunity. This can be a great family activity for bonding. It gives parents a chance to teach their little ones about responsibility and independence. Every person will pick up their favorite ingredients, pop them into their jar and put it in the fridge.

The next morning, when the kids wake up, they’ll all be excited to eat their jar. Why wouldn’t they be? They put so much effort into making it. Isn’t this a smart way to reduce your kitchen work and make kids finish their breakfast? Give them the choice of sauces like caramel, chocolate strawberry, as well as other things like peanut butter, jam, gingerbread, dried berries and fresh fruit.

Oats are one of the few natural ingredients that are used as beauty food. From treating dandruff to keeping your heart healthy, they bring your body some wonderful benefits.

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