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Earn Money By Shortening URL

People are finding new ways to earn money online. They are creating new opportunities for them and also for others.

URL shortening is one of the ways where you can earn money online without spending any amount. You just need to spend few minutes of your time.

There is a site called Shrinkearn, through which you can shorten the URL and share with users. It is a free website. You don’t need to pay any amount.

Daily we will be sharing a lot of links to our friends or followers or website/app visitors. Instead of using original long url if you can use shortened url you can earn some money.

Little Pain

Only drawback for the users who click on the shortened links is they have to face few ads. Some pages will open when you click on the link. You can either check them or close without viewing. User will face multiple ad pages before proceeding to actual url page.

How To Use Shrinkearn Website?

  • Go to Shrinkearn url.
  • Create your account.
  • Shorten your url. You can set expiry date of the url.
  • Share the shorten url where ever you want to.

How to Short a link?

When on home page or on any other subpage you will see the link shortener box. – yes, that’s the long, white box. Simply paste or type your long link and click “shorten”. Now you can copy your short link or shorten another link. All your links are available in “statistics” Note: also you can short from home page shorten box and using our tools. 

How to Share a link manually?

Simply go to manage links > all links. copy any short link that you want to share and paste it wherever you want – for example – youtube, twitter, facebook, WhatsApp, blogs, own websites etc.

Referrals / Affilation

Sharing your short links is not the only way to earn money with ShrinkEarn. You can also invite new users. For each invited user you will receive 20% of their earnings. Go to the “referrals” tab, share your referral link with one click – on Youtube,forums, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Websites and more!

How to setup Full Page Script in your Blog or Website?

They provide full page script which will transform all your links into the ShrinkEarn form. Copy the code and paste it to the body section of your HTML code. You can include or exclude the domains that you want to shorten. 

How to Withdrawal in ShrinkEarn.com?

In order to withdraw your money your profile must be fully completed. If not – you can do this anytime. Fill all the fields. Save your details and wait for the transfer. REMEMBER – they pay daily basis. Minimum withdrawal is $5 and payment Method is Paypal, WebMoney, Payeer, Skrill, UPI and Bank transfer.


Please do read all the terms and conditions, website details before creating your account.

Another Way To Earn Money

You can earn money by uploading your files to a server. Find complete details – here.

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