Soda Will Make You Old

Drinking Soda Will Reduce Your Life Time

People are largely aware that drinking a lot of soda is not exactly going to be good for your health, but there is one fact that is going to probably stop you in your tracks.

This fact is that if you drink one can of soda per day, it is going to age you by approximately 4.6 years. In other words, drinking soda on a regular basis is going to put years on you, and that is not exactly a good thing.

It is all to do with the sugar, caffeine, and other key ingredients that are contained within the drink as to the reason why this happens. There are so many things in soda that our body then struggles to deal with that it leads to an increased risk of diabetes, weight gain, and a number of other health issues that are not going to be beneficial to you.

When you add all of this together, it then means that soda can indeed add some years to your current physical age, so if you are serious about longevity, then cutting back on your soda consumption may very well be the correct way to go.

Your Soda is on Fire

One of the interesting things about the world is the way in which different ingredients are allowed in some countries and yet they are banned in others. One such example involves an ingredient that appears in a number of different sodas that are available for sale in the United States.

However, when you look at the ingredient and why it is banned in some places, it does make you wonder as to why it’s still used as a key ingredient in drinks such as Dr. Pepper and Sprite, to name only a couple.

The ingredient in question is known as BVO, which is short for Brominated Vegetable Oil. At first it sounds as if it would be absolutely acceptable, as we use vegetable oil in a number of different things, but your attitude will change when you discover that this ingredient is actually toxic and is used as a basis in at least one type of flame retardant. It is banned throughout Europe as well as Japan, but the same ban has not been extended to the United States where it still has a certain popularity.