Don’t Venture to Snake Island

A lot of people fear snakes, and run far away from them. It is easy to understand why you would hardly venture to a place that is full of snakes. ‘Snake Island’ is famous for snakes. The island itself is close to Sao Paulo in Brazil. Check out a few statistics to find out the reason behind it’s name.

The island itself only covers a total of 110 acres. Yet a study has revealed that there are over 4000 snakes on this one single island. That works out to there being the equivalent of a snake every 6 square yards. That does mean that you are going to come across them no matter where you go.

If that is not scary enough, the island is also home to a snake that goes by the name ‘Golden Lancehead’ and even though it may look quite cool with its yellowish color, looks can be deceptive.

If this snake bites, your skin will start to melt. Which has to be one of the scariest things that you could ever imagine happening to you.

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