I Don't Have Time

Don’t Say “I Don’t Have Time”. No one will believe you

Have you ever said “I Don’t Have Time” or “I Am Busy?” to someone who really wants to talk to you? Saying “I Don’t Have Time” is the worst excuse you can give. Sometimes it becomes a habit for you and creates distance between you and the other person. You say it because it is not your priority.

Why You Don’t Have Time?

You prioritze your works based on your comfort. We are not talking about the time you spend for your job. While you are working for someone in some company you need to complete the works based on someone else’s priorities. You will get very minimal chance to work based on your timelines.

You give time to a particular work only based on your own values. You decide whether you need to give time to read bible or not. You decide whether to spend with your wife or husband. You might choose PUBG or LUDO game over other people in your life. You might prefer to smoke for 5 minutes over praying to God.

You decide everything in your life. When you say NO to a small group meeting then you don’t have value to those meetings and people. When you say NO to talk to elders or friends then as per you, you don’t need them in your life. It is you who decides on how to spend your time. You decide the time to watch web series, movies, or just to browse the internet.

Why People Don’t Beleive You

Everyone has 24 hours per day and everyone have their own priorities. When you say NO to someone then you are not giving value and space for that person in your life. People are not dumb to not understand your feelings. If you really want the person to stay in your life then don’t say that you have no time.

To Do

Decide what is important for you and your family. Make sure that you pray to GOD (Whichever GOD you prefer). If you don’t believe in GOD then take care of nature. Don’t Say I Don’t Have Time to the people who love and care for you. Make sure to call them back once you are free.