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Does Shape Of Your Body Say About Your Personality?

The human body and how it connects to your personality is pretty amazing. While each of us is different in some way shape or form our body, type does say a lot about what personality category we fall into. And what makes it even more interesting is this doesn’t just happen by chance. There’s science behind a lot of it. Are thin people more introverted? Are people with rounder figures more fun-loving and likable? Why are athletic people so popular? How are people with an hourglass type body more insecure?

Hourglass figure

If you have this type of figure people are likely envious of you. There are some who work day in and day out just for something similar. The truth is that the hourglass shape is actually pretty rare and people who do have this body type usually suffer from low self-esteem. They just feel uncomfortable and insignificant. The hourglass figure is one of the traditional female body types. It’s defined by the circumference of the bust, waist and hips. The hourglass figure is also one of the more sought after body types in women’s fashion. While research shows this figure to be highly desired those who are born with it tend to be more insecure. But why exactly they’re seen as a symbol of beauty aren’t they well. With beauty sometimes comes resentment, their insecurity may be due to torment. They’ve received over body envy or perhaps they’re simply worried about what others are saying behind closed doors. This all contributes to some serious issues dealing with self-image.

If you’re someone with this body type, we’re certainly not rushing to judgment and saying you’re insecure. But you might be someone who’s cautious around other people, your friends are included in this category. Have you ever had people tease you about the way you look how did you deal with it?

Athletic build body

People with this body type are often more social. A bodybuilder’s figure is a little different from an athletic build. A bodybuilder is working out for size and strength. An athlete on the other hand is exercising for power, speed and agility. Playing sports builds character. Playing sports is key in shaping a young kid’s personality and development. The more they interact with people their age the better prepared they are for life. You don’t want them living life unable to socialize. Both men and women learn to be more social if they’re athletic from an early age. They also learn how to work with other people. Athletes who play their position and do their job will generally get along easier with their teammates. In order to perform well you have to be in the right shape. This is why people with an athletic build often happen to be more social. They fit in really well with certain crowds because of their high performance.

Now keep in mind sports are not the only activities that can help you be more social. Some people just aren’t the sporty type. Anything that puts children in a room with other people is good for their personality.

Rounder bodies

Talking about the bodies that are heavier. Heavy means endomorphs. This means your body has lots of fat as well as lots of muscle. Not obesity. Have you ever seen a line man in the NFL? Those guys are the prime example of endomorphs. You’re a lot more active than people give you credit. Built like this do seem intimidating. But when you get to know them they actually seem pretty fun people. With a rounder body tend to enjoy the finer things in life. Sure they eat a lot of food but they also like to have a good time. If you have a rounder body you’re likely friendlier and much more welcoming than your other friends. You’re generally a positive thinker. Always looking on the bright side of things. Due to your love of food you tend to eat out of pleasure more than others. This will no doubt contribute to your round figure.

Thin figure

While athletic and big boned people are generally fun-loving and likeable. Little thinner around the waist line tend to be more introverted. This means you usually keep to yourself. That’s not to say you don’t have friends or a crowd you hang with. It’s just that when you’re with that crowd you’re more of a listener. You’re not as eager to speak up and tell a story. And you sure as heck aren’t the first one on the dance floor. You’re just enjoying the moment in your own comfortable corner.

But being introverted is not the only quality you possess. You’re also more organized not just with your daily tasks but your health regimens as well. It’s because of your personality that you are so thin. Since you spend more time thinking about things you’re able to sort out your schedule. You practice discipline in areas where your friends lack. And commit to both a healthy diet and workout routine as a result you lose weight quicker.

Ruler shape body

The ruler-shaped body is said to be one of the most common body types. This is where your fat is distributed evenly throughout your body. The measurements between your chest, hips and waist are all similar. This gives your body that ruler shape. People with this figure are really introverted much like thin people. This allows you to be more organized. You’re able to sort out your priorities in a much more sophisticated way. But this does have its downsides. Many people around you might mistake your love of organization for selfishness. You love to have things done a certain way and won’t accept another standard. But it’s a little more complicated than that. Your discipline is what keeps you healthy and in decent shape. You’re not doing it to hurt others. Not only do you like things done a certain way, you want to partner with the same values.

Pear shape body

A pear-shaped body usually describes a person with hips wider than their bust and shoulders. They also have a small waist and slim arms. This is another body type that’s popular in the world of fashion and modeling. Those with this frame are said to be fun loving and carefree. They’re usually pretty excited to take part in various activities. You’re usually an extrovert who expresses yourself freely and has little time for what other people think.

If you’re feeling good physically you’re likely gonna be more comfortable around other people.