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Dell G5 SE – The Best Of Cheap Gaming Laptops

Gaming laptops are generally expensive compared to normal student or home laptops. They have good CPU, GPU and other internals which are the main reason for the cost of gaming laptops. Among those expensive gaming laptops it is tough to find a less expensive or cheap laptop. Dell G5 falls under this cheaper category but not cheaper than normal student or home laptops.

Gaming Laptops – Dell G5 SE

This is going to be the cheapest high performance gaming laptop for the whole year. The good thing is that it’s running an AMD CPU because that’s the best way to get value and also an AMD GPU. This is actually the world’s first gaming laptop that’s running both the combination. The combination of the CPU & GPU of AMD allows them to do something pretty interesting called smart shift.


This laptop is good for games. It’s great for any kind of application that can make use of cores available. Even the base model CPU can push out good numbers. There is a dedicated G button among function keys. G button enables game shift and allowing fans to run faster for best possible performance. Fan sound is little lound when in gaming mode.

Smart Shift

It basically redistributes power to whatever you’re doing. If you’re playing a game and it’s more GPU dependent then it’ll pump more wattage to the GPU to give you the best possible performance. If you are doing video editing, a more CPU dependent it’ll pump more wattage to the CPU. Laptop does this automatically so there is no need for you to do manually.

Build Quality

This is an all plastic body laptop. Keyboard contains number pad and keys are pretty good. Laptop screen hinge looks different but does it’s work. Don’t expect great body design and colors from this laptop.

Device has got an Ethernet jack. It’s got three display outputs,an HDMI , it also has three USB A and an SD card slot. You have two RAM slots, a Wi-Fi card it’s a killer card so you can replace it. It’s got a 68 watt battery. Three heat pipes and then on the left and right you have the speakers. They don’t sound great, they sound exactly how you would expect an $800 gaming laptop to sound.

Gaming Laptops Price

Currently they are selling at $879 for 60 Hertz screen. They are going to upgrade to 120 Hertz in coming months at same price. The Dell G5 SE a very powerful device for the money.