World's Chocolate Day

Cyber Scams On World’s Chocolate Day

7th July is the World’s Chocolate Day. People buy loads of chocolates, bake chocolates, share their recipes and gift chocolates on 7th July. They consume loads of chocolate on this special day. Annual worldwide chocolate consumption is around 7.2 Million Metric Tons [7,200,000,000 kilograms]. And the chocolate industry values at $103 Billion Dollars. This year online sales saw a spike of 289% due to COVID-19 situation. These are very big numbers. People who are doing online shopping should be careful of increasing cyber crimes during this pandemic situation.

Cyber Attacks On Chocolate Industry

In 2017 there was a ransomware attack on IT system of Cadbury Chocolate Factory. Factory came to a grind halt and attackers demanded Bitcoin payment. It is estimated that the Cadbury’s parent company lost $140 Million Dollars in revenue. There are some fake surveys on Facebook. They asked users to provide personal information and participate in surveys and activities and earn some rewards. These fake surveys use famous chocolate company names to attract users.

In 2019 there was an attack for 6 months on 12 Russell Stover Chocolate Retail Stores. In this attack malware has collected user names, card numbers and card expiry dates. Few years back there was an attack on Hershey’s Chocolate to target a recipe, it was an successful attack.

World’s Chocolate Day

Enjoy every day with a piece of chocolate. Give your taste buds a treat with various flavors. Just be careful when your are doing online shopping or browsing recipes or checking mails on various chocolate offers. Don’t fall for online scams. Enjoy the chocolate days.

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