COVID-19 : Created More Fear & Took Away Humanity

Humanity – Whole world is aware of the COVID-19 severity. Everyone is worried about their future. Thousands of citizens died and many are still in hospitals and home quarantine. Strict measures were implemented all over the world. Fear engulfed everyone’s mind. Most of them are afraid to meet friends and family members. COVID-19 helped many people to realize the importance of life, health, family, love and friendship. They have changed a lot and started working towards a better and happy life.

The fear that the virus might enter our body is making few of us behave differently towards fellow beings. There are people who are behaving harshly, spreading gossips and false information about COVID-19 patient. They forgot to show moral support and display their humanity.

Few of the COVID-19 patients are going into depression due to the behavior of their neighbors, family and friends. Please don’t be harsh towards them. Patients are not bad people. Show them your love, support and care with out words and behavior. If you cannot support then stay away and be calm. Don’t do false propaganda about them.

Here is an Indian citizen who faced difficulties from her neighbors. Listen in her own words [Native Language – Telugu].

Lets take care of ourselves and show moral support to our fellow beings. Show your humanity and please be gentle towards others. Please do subscribe to her channel – More self care posts – here