Could Your Dreams Be Telling You Something?

Dreams are an integral part of sleep, we all know that, but what you might not know is that many famous inventions came about from dreams. Some of them are, the DNA Helix ladder from James Watson and the idea for Google, Larry Page. It makes sense then to realize that the mind is always trying to solve puzzles for us. Dreams are there to aid us in assimilating information we have gathered during the day. This is just a fancy word for file. If we didn’t digest and assimilate everything that happened during the day our minds would be in chaos.

Some people swear by writing a problem down and asking their minds to solve it as they sleep. Try it and see if it works for you. This puts whole new meaning on ‘I’ll sleep on it’.

Dreams become a land unto themselves when we consider some facts about what happens when we sleep and more importantly dream.

There are cases of people who commit rare crimes whilst fast asleep and one case of a male nurse who is a nurse by day but a phenomenal artist by night. Lee Hadwin who claims he cannot draw at all suddenly becomes an artist when he is fast asleep. One of his sketches of Marilyn Munroe recently sold for $4000.

Murders have been committed whilst the person was fast asleep. As in the case of a man who drove 22 miles in order to murder his cousin and has no memory at all of the event.