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Cost of healthy food versus medical bills

Healthy food – Everyone expects to get a good product at a great price. You do bargain at many places except at Hospitals. You don’t bargain at hospitals because one, hospitals won’t encourage and second, you don’t dare to ask them. But there are few exceptional cases where you might spend some 6-7 digit money value and if we ask then doctors might reduce some % in the final bill.

Bargaining for healthy food

When you go to a market to buy vegetables, fruits or meat there will a tendency to bargain. You expect the seller to reduce at least few bucks. Sometimes if you feel the fruit or vegetable price is high then you skip the product though it’s very healthy.

Consider a situation where you went to buy carrots but you didn’t buy because seller quoted more than you expected. Can you return back without buying spectacles for your eye sight problem because of high price? You will go to few more shops and finally make a purchase. We never do these things while buying healthy food.

We take things casually because we have a lot of variety food items to choose from. Just skipping one product doesn’t bother us much. But in long run it impacts our health. There are many specific vegetables and fruits that help our body organs. We need to include those in our daily food intake. Sometimes the prices might be high but you shouldn’t stop buying them.

At the end of the day prevention is better than cure. It’s better to buy healthy fruits and vegetables rather than paying bills at medical shop or accessories. Food cost will be very less when compared to hospital bills and costly accessories.

Big Store/ Shopping Mall versus Street Vendors

When we go to a big grocery store or to a shopping mall we don’t bargain because the prices are final. Shop company decides the prices and we need to pay the same amount. But when it comes to street vendors we try to bargain. We don’t buy costly items from them. But still we expect them to reduce the price.

At the end of the day we all know which vendor is rich and becoming more rich. Street vendors are not making huge profits and buying big properties from their shops. The companies which run big stores make huge profits because they decide the price and there will be no change to it.

Final thoughts – You decide when to bargain and from whom to bargain. You decide what to buy and eat daily for a healthy and happy life. If you think fruits and vegetables are costly then try from few other shops but don’t stop buying them. Healthy food definitely makes a difference in your life and to your finances.

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