Corporate Farming

Corporate Farming

When a Corporate Company takes farms from farmers on lease or buy from them and do farming on large scale we call it as Corporate Farming. Is it Good or Bad if individual farmers are replaced by a Corporate Company? The Company can now dictate the market by producing the products they like, which in-turn impacts the people.

Pros of Corporate Farming:

  • Company can invest more money and increase food production.
  • They can buy and use large/costly machines for agriculture.
  • They can directly sell the products in the market by removing many middle men.
  • Company can work together with Government and produce a particular product (which may be staple food for people) on large scale.
  • They can withstand losses incurred due to drought & floods.

Cons of Corporate Farming:

  • Individual farmers who may be your father/mother or any person you know as farmer will loose their land/job.
  • Daily labours will be replaced by machines.
  • Company will decide what to produce and the price of the product.
  • Individual farmers may join as daily labours in the Companies food processing units.

Current Situation in India:

Answer the below questions and you can find the current situation in India.

  • Are you willing to be a farmer?
  • If your parents are farmers will you take up farming?
  • Is your friend a farmer?
  • Do you think the next generation which is after Digital World will consider to be a farmer?
  • Can you stop Government from taking your farm land for construction of Mall or Airport or an Office space?
  • Why a farmer is not willing to make his/her son/daughter as a farmer?

The probability of a Corporate Company entering into farming on large scale is high in India. Political Parties promise that they will create lakhs of jobs for people.
Can they ask the younger generation to take up agriculture? If your generation is not willing to work in farms then how can we expect the next generation to do it.

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