Coolest Laptop For Creators – The Acer ConceptD 9

It is the coolest laptop for creators from Acer. It’s a 17 inch device relatively large but it’s a very powerful comprehensive creative battle station. It allows you to do pretty much everything you could possibly want for a creative workflow. It’s got all the good stuff like an RTX 2080 very powerful CPU. But what makes it special, what makes it a very unique product is the hinge it allows you to rotate the screen in pretty much any way you’d want. You can have it backwards facing the back of a laptop or a client you can have it facing yourself like normal. You can even have it in a top-down kind of artist mode.

Pen For Creators

In conjunction with this screen it also has a really awesome pen. The traditional pen that comes with a lot of laptops out there feel like this afterthought. They don’t feel like the product was based around the use of a pen it’s just something that can just add into a product as a value add. But this laptop makes really good use of this pen. The screen itself has a kind of matte texture to it so when you’re drawing on it it has a paper like feel. Not that it feels exactly like paper but it feels a lot better to draw on this screen than your kind of standard glossy finished screen.

It’s also a Wacom EMR based pen so the stylus itself doesn’t have a power source. The digitizer under the screen powers the whole connection and it’s a really good drawing surface. Digitizer interface feel proper. If you do digital arts and you’re working with any kind of pen based workflow you’ll probably appreciate this.

The performance

The performance of this machine is really good it’s running on RTX 2080. It’s running an eight-core i9 from Intel it’s super powerful. It’s obviously not a gaming oriented device, it’s got a 60 Hertz screen. But if you want to play games you can, video edits on this machine are great. It has very nice performance especially for being so quiet. It can’t turbo boost alot. If they let the users control the fans a little more, you could boost this thing significantly but it has good performance for the sound level. It is very useful and sufficient for creators.

The Keyboard

It’s something you have to get used to, it’s got two kind of issues for one the keyboards in the lowered position so there’s no wrist rest and the track pads on the right so everything feels a little more cramped. Everything feels kind of unfamiliar when you first use it but I think most people if they spend some time with this will get used to the device. The keys themselves they’re a mechanical switch.

You can distinctly hear like there’s an actuation point when you press down on the key and the layout of the keyboard itself is pretty much standard. Except for the right shift key I think it’s something that is you know not everyone uses that right shift key. But for the people that do it’s really small and in a weird position.

The trackpad got this thing you can DoubleTap and you can activate a number pad for the people that want to use number pads. But the inputs feel a little strange.


The other thing I don’t love about this thing is that this machine is expensive. It’s clearly geared towards premium kind of professional users. But they do not include a wrist rest with this device. For the kind of money that the device demands it should include one in the box instead of having the user go out and look for a custom wrist rest that fits this particular device.

The exterior of the device is relatively plain there’s no like super obvious branding on the back of it. It has a very slightly visible concept D, that’s kind of debauched into the metal.

Screen For Creators

This is the cool part of the device. When you open and close the screen, this hinge it had this Creek to it and it’s not the rotational hinge. It’s the actual hinge at the base of the laptop.Hope this Creek isn’t a side effect of that sturdiness. The screen itself has a relatively big bezel.

The screen is excellent like the panel is bright it’s very color accurate probably one of the most color accurate screens that you have ever seen. It is geared towards creatives but it’s a really nice screen with a thick bezel granted for people that actually use this thing for work. You probably won’t notice it.

There is a webcam up top 1080p image and it’s a relatively clean looking picture. There’s a spot at the top right of the device where you can place your pen. It just kind of holds it magnetically and it’s kind of good to have when you have any kind of stylus based product or stylus compatible product to have something like this.


The internals are easy to access, you can replace your Wi-Fi card, your drives, your RAM and the battery. It isn’t particularly big 71 watt hours and you get an hour and a half of battery life. It’s actually shorter than you think but considering the size of the screen and the resolution and all the kind of powerful internals that are in here one should expect this. There’s no SD card slots though there are three USB A’s to use pcs. An Ethernet jack and there are four speakers that actually sound quite good they’re loud and they’re clear.

It’s a super expensive device, it’s 5000 bucks, it is obviously not something that everyone’s gonna go out and buy. But if you are interested in this device like let’s say you are a creative professional, using the pen is really a big strength. All the best to creators.