Complete Guide To Apple’s AirTag – How To Set up?

You can use AirTag to keep track of your keys, wallet and more, and help locate them if they’re ever misplaced. Here’s how to get started. How to set up your AirTag, and how to locate an item that’s gone missing.

Before you start

Before you start, update your iPhone to iOS 14.5 or later, and make sure Find My is enabled, and Bluetooth is turned on. Also, your iPhone must be connected to the internet using Wi-Fi or your cellular data. If you have more than one AirTag, you should set them up one at a time.

How to set up your AirTag?

First, let’s set up your AirTag with your iPhone and choose which item you’d like to keep track of. Remove the protective film from your AirTag and gently pull the plastic tab from the battery. You’ll then hear the AirTag play a welcome sound. Now, bring your AirTag and your iPhone next to each other and a prompt will appear on your iPhone to guide you through the set up process.

Follow the onscreen steps to finish setting it up, and then secure the AirTag to your item.

How to locate an item with AirTag?

If your item goes missing, you can use Find My to help you track it down. In Find My, tap Items and look for your AirTag on the map. You’ll see the time and place of its last known location in the Items list at the bottom of the screen. Tap an item from the list to take a closer look. If it looks like your item is nearby, but you can’t find it, tap Play Sound and listen for a chime.

If you’re using an iPhone with Ultra Wideband, including any iPhone 11 model or any iPhone 12 model, and if the item is in Bluetooth range, you’ll see a button that says Find. Otherwise, the button will say Directions, and will open Maps to lead you to the last known location of your item. Tap Find to get help finding your item’s precise location. Then, move your iPhone around your space a bit.

Once your iPhone connects to your AirTag, an arrow will point you in the right direction and tell you approximately how many feet away it is. Tap the X to go back once you’ve found it.

How to enable Lost Mode?

If you’re still unable to track down your item, you can put it in Lost Mode to get help recovering it. Lost Mode is available on all AirTag-compatible devices. Just swipe up on the handle, then look for Lost Mode and tap Enable. With Lost Mode turned on you’ll receive a notification, the next time your AirTag is in range of your iPhone or its location has been updated by the Find My network.

Your AirTag will stay associated with your Apple ID unless you unpair it yourself. And, if someone finds your item while it’s in Lost Mode, they can use their iPhone or any NFC-capable device to touch the tag and learn how to reach you. To finish setting up Lost Mode, tap Continue and follow the onscreen steps.

How to custom name your AirTag?

Give each tag a unique name in the Find My app so it’s easier to locate on the map.

  • In Find My, tap Items to see each AirTag on a map.
  • Tap the item you want to rename.
  • Scroll down and tap Rename Item.
  • Choose Custom Name.
  • Now choose an emoji to represent your item.
  • Then tap Item Name and enter a new name.
  • When you’re finished, tap Done, and then tap the x to go back to the map.