Christmas Island Turns Into Mating Island

The name Christmas Island is not apt for the island in Indian Ocean. It is hardly going to create an image in your mind of the traditional Christmas complete with snow and children having snowball fights.

A strange and wonderful natural event occurs on the shores of this island on a yearly basis. This event involves crabs, but not just one or two, as this is more akin to a sea of crabs invading the island. Of course, it is quite freaky to imagine this happening, but what makes it worse is that we are actually talking about millions of crabs at one time.

So, why are they doing this? Well, it’s all about their mating. They seem to converge on this island in order to seek out their mate and do what crabs do. It just so happens that they all seem to be in the mood at the same time. Resulting in it becoming more like Crab Mating Island rather than Christmas Island.

Furthermore, there may be up to 43 million crabs around the island during this period. So you’d better be careful where you stand.

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