Chewing Gum – Can it stick to your intestines?

When you were a kid and given gum to chew, there is a pretty good chance that your mother told you not to swallow it or else it would stick to your intestines for a number of years. This was enough to scare a number of children into never wanting to chew it, and for those that did there would be years of mental torture to follow.

But what’s the truth? Can it stick to your intestines in the way that your mother described?

The quick answer is that no it can’t. In fact, it will just pass through your system without any problems whatsoever and you will end up depositing it in just the same way as other food that you have been eating recently.

But that’s not to say that it will always be like this. For reasons that are unknown, there have been some incidents where it did not become as plain sailing as it should be.

Instead, some rather unlucky people have found that the gum has become stuck to their rectum, and your mind is probably working overtime as to how horrible this would be to fix. It ended up with them developing one or two issues when passing long, sticky pieces of gum.