Chernobyl the name of the region was revealed to the whole world in the accident in the nuclear power plant here in 1986. The then Soviet Russia set up a nuclear power station in Chernobyl, now owned by Ukraine. However, the accident occurred in 1986 with failure in management. Many have lost their lives in the accident. International organizations claim that at least 2 lakh people are dead with the molecular radiation that has been emerging from there until now. But there were no proper statistics on the issue of casualties as the Soviet Union was then under the rule.

Increased interest with TV serial

The present generation does not know much about this accident three decades ago. However, the articles coming in the Chernobyl TV serial have increased interest in the audience. They are coming in a huge number to see this city.

Empty city to watch

Soon after the accident, thousands of the city were shifted to safer places. With molecular influence the entire city was closed to the danger of cancer and other diseases. Parks and residences are still empty. They did not even have the time to carry their belongings when people were moved. We can still see those marks.

There is a cemetery for machines

After the accident in Chernobyl, thousands of machines, vehicles and helicopters were left out as well. They look like a Marland where they are demolished. That is why this place is known as the Machines Cemetery.

Tourists are growing

The Chernobyl serial has received a special audience. This has led many to come to Ukraine and are keen to see Chernobyl. The local guides said that most people are coming for one-day tour. The authorities are allowing tourists only up to 300 meters away from the Chernobyl center. Masks are mandatory for tourists to avoid radiation hazard. However, the authorities are unhappy as tourists are not wearing masks all the time.