Casa Marzu Cheese – Made With Live Maggots

Casa Marzu – There are thousands of different types of cheese around the world. They are all able to cater to different tastes. However, there is one cheese in the world that is truly different from anything else that you would ever even dare to think about.

For this rather special cheese, we need to head on over to the Italian island of Sardinia. Italian Cheese is very famous. But in this instance, we are focusing on something called casa marzu.

The name itself doesn’t sound too bad at all. Important thing is within the cheese that is going to prove to be the scary part. This cheese has one special secret live ingredient. It is not even that secretive when you eat it because stuck in the cheese are live maggots.

Yes, there are actual maggots in the cheese. If the thought of that is not bad enough for you, then perhaps this second point is going to prove to be too much.

The maggots will make their way out of the cheese as you eat it. Or you hope that they do. But they have been known to leap out of the cheese to around five inches in height. Just imagine that for a moment where you are trying to enjoy the flavor only to then see a maggot flying towards your face.

So, would you like some cheese?