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Can you Snore and Dream at the Same Time?

Sleep, we all need it and yet it can also often be a rather eventful time when you think about what is going on. For example, most of us are going to snore at some point, and we all dream at various times throughout the night even if we do not then remember it. But can you put the two of them together?

The simple answer is that if you are talking about the normal type of snoring, and not sleep apnea which is a completely different issue, then it is impossible for us to both snore and dream at the same time.

So, why is this the case? Well, it’s all to do with the stages of sleep because common snoring happens at a different stage from that when we dream. The reason why we mentioned sleep apnea is because that happens at the REM stage of sleep, which is the point where our ability to dream kicks in.

In other words, it has nothing to do with us being unable to perform both tasks at the same time due to our brain struggling, but it is just that the two can never meet thanks to them involving two different things at two different times. Read more.