Coronavirus COVID-19

Can Coronavirus spread through drinking/normal water and air?

WHO as on Today confirmed that coronavirus spreads when droplets of infected person get it contact with others. If droplets from mouth & nose fall on objects then virus stays on those objects. When a normal person gets in touch of it and if he touches his eyes, nose or mouth then the virus attacks him. CoVID-19 also spreads if a person inhales the droplets from the infected person’s cough.

Can Coronavirus that causes CoVID-19 transmit through water?

As on Today WHO didn’t mention about transmission through water. They have mentioned that the virus will be transmitted primarly through droplets from person to person. I have tried to contact WHO via their social links, waiting for their updates. So, until they confirm we are not sure if the virus spreads through drinking water or normal water for bathing.

Can virus that causes CoVID-19 transmit through air?

There is no concrete evidence to say that virus transmits through air. The main reason for spread is mentioned in the first paragraph. If it is the case then the situation around the world would be more tragic.

Till the time we have proofs of spreading virus via other means, please do check WHO website once or twice a day for latest updates. Please do follow our blog for updates.