Ziona Chana

Big Family From India

If you are from a family that has just a couple of children, then it was not called as big family. There is a family in India with 100 plus people staying together. They can legitimately lay claim to being the biggest family in the world.

Now, you might be sitting there thinking that perhaps a husband and wife have 15 children or something. But it is much bigger than you could ever imagine.

The man in question goes by the name of Ziona Chana, and he lives in the Indian state Mizoram. Rather amazingly, he has 94 children, but then he does have 39 wives, which partly explains it.

But then, it does get even bigger, as some of his children now have their own children and they live in the same home, so you can add to the number 14 in-laws as well as 33 grandchildren.

The entire family lives in a 100-room home which covers four stories. To keep things running smoothly they all work together. How many people stay together in your home? More facts here.