Smartphone Life

Best Ways To Extend Life of Your Smartphone

The following suggestions will help you maintain and prolong the life of your device.

  1. Only qualified and authorized personnel should make repairs.
  2. Disabling features such as Bluetooth, Location (GPS) and WIFI when not in use and dimming the screen can help you save energy and extend battery life.
  3. Clean your phone and charger with a soft, clean and dry cloth. If the screen comes in contact with liquid or dust, please clean it immediately. Do not use alcohol or irritating chemicals to clean the device.
  4. Touching the screen with a sharp object may cause the screen to be scratched.
  5. Please do not touch the connection port of the phone, as static electricity may harm components in the device.
  6. Ideal operating temperatures are 0’C to 35’C. Ideal storage temperatures are -20’C to +45’C.
  7. Only operate your phone between 35% to 85% of humidity.
  8. Do not place the phone on uneven surfaces.
  9. Do not hit, press, shake or drop the phone to avoid damage and injury.
  10. Chargers mostly are not waterproof. Please do not use them in bathroom, areas of high temperatures, humidity or dust. Please avoid rain.
  11. When the phone is transmitting or saving information do not remove SIM card.
  12. Please keep the phone out of reach of children in order to prevent injuries or property damage.
  13. Remove all unused or less frequently used applications from phone.
  14. Use a protective phone case for additional safety.
  15. Do not charge phone over night.