Deepfake Technology, Apps & Websites

Best Deepfake Apps and Websites

Deepfake Technology – Deepfakes are manufactured media in which an individual in a current picture or video is supplanted with another person’s resemblance. While the demonstration of faking content is a not new, deepfakes influence ground-breaking methods from AI and machine learning to control or produce visual and sound substance with a high potential to beguile. The principle AI techniques used to make deepfakes depend on deep learning and include preparing generative neural system models, for example, autoencoders or generative adversarial networks (GANs).

Deepfakes have accumulated across the board consideration for their utilizations in celebrity obscene recordings, vengeance pornography, counterfeit news, scams, and money related misrepresentation. This has inspired reactions from both industry and government to recognize and constrain their utilization.

Best Deepfake Apps


With Zoa app you can you can change your face, change your face to try on the trend of the season, the same star or retro wear , use your face to appear in film and television clips, and idol on the same stage, find your body Hipsters with similar styles, change her style with one click, upload your own outfit and become a community expert.

This app is not available worldwide. Check out the link to download the app – android & ios.

Deep Art Effects

Deep Art Effects allows you to easily and innovatively edit images using artificial intelligence. You can color your old grayscale images automatically. You can scale the images upto 4x magnification. Deep art effects is available in Windows, Mac, Linux , Android and iOS.

Here are the links to download – Desktop, Android & iOS. If the links are not working then they might got updated. Check Deep art effects website.

Face Swap

It is an open source multi platform deepfake software. You can download to your PC and give a try. You can create deepfake videos with it. Download the software from here. If the link is not working then check this site for updated links.

Deep Face Lab

With this you can swap faces in the pictures, or change head in the videos or change lip movement in the video. Download the windows version here. Find the latest details and download links of the project on Github.

Best Deepfake Websites

Deepfake Web β

Create your own Deepfakes online. Deepfakes (deep fakes) are videos in which the subject is face-swapped using machine-learning algorithms. You can easily create Deepfakes video on Deepfakes web β. Upload your video or images and it will create deepfake video for you.

Avenge Them

If you are a Marvel Fan then this is the website for you. You can create GIF using scenes from Marvel pictures and your picture. Avengethem will create GIF for you with your face in the scene. It is fun give a try.

Machine Tube

Machine tube swaps the face from the video with the image you have uploaded. You need to sign up to use the service. Check out the latest details here.