Best Budget Laptops for Students

Before buying a high end laptop and burning your pockets. Keep these two things in mind.

  • VALUE is really important, like student debt is no joke you want to keep these things as inexpensive as possible and you’re probably gonna be looking at used or refurbished stuff for the best possible value. There are some new stuff as well but often times you’re gonna get the best value when it comes to older older devices
  • Idea of gaming laptops – they’re awesome but for most people they’re not the best kind of back-to-school device they’re bigger they’re thicker they’re heavier like everything about them is they’re not meant for travel like especially for battery life if you need to bring this thing to school and run between different classes before you bring it back home you’re gonna bring the AC adapter with you it’s just a lot more weight than stuff that’s designed for portability.

List of Best Budget Laptops

Acer Aspire 5

This is incredibly well valued for the price tag there’s a $300 AMD version and a $350 Intel version these are both really good options for the money. You get a solid keyboard, a decent screen, good track pad and the processing power but at this price point it’s not perfect screen. Isn’t super bright. But it’s hard to complain about that for 300 bucks this device is shockingly good for the money.

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XPS 13

This is the newest model but the one I’d actually recommend is the 9350 from 2015 and 2016 carbon fiber deck with a good keyboard good track pad and it’s just a really solid device overall it’s a reason why it’s such a popular device over the years you can get that thing on Amazon for around six hundred seven hundred bucks.

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Acer Swift 3

Acer Swift three this is a new device and they did a great job with it. The one weakness is actually the keyboard and this would affect people that are buying stuff like this. The keyboard is a lot softer, it’s just that the responsiveness of the keys is not as good as the other devices in this kind of price point but good overall device.

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Surface laptop

Surface laptop has a fantastic keyboard, great screen and for the people that want it it has pen support which is great for students. A great device for the money.

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Asus Zen book 13 & Zen book 14

It is a really solid machine and if you want you can configure it with an MX 150 which is a more powerful GPU.

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