Work From Home

Be More Careful When You Work From Home – Find Out Why

With the COVID-19 crisis Companies are considering Work From Home as an viable alternative. It might be the future of many people to work from home. Companies will save some infrastructure, transport and other costs. But is the Company’s data safe when working from home?

Why WFH is not safe?

When you are working from home, along with your working machine there will be other devices connected to same WI-FI network. These devices might be an entry point to threats. Your family members might download malicious apps or click on phising links or visit a dangerous website. Some of the family members might even not know that these threats exists and they cannot differentiate between real and fake. Once the user gets access to the WI-FI network then your data and Comapany’s data will be at risk.

Can VPN help?

Using a VPN doesn’t separate your WI-FI from network. It just encrypts the data for transmission. VPN cannot be a complete solution. Comapanies cannot install a check point for all it’s employees at their homes.

Future Of Work From Home Option

Companies are not ready for Work From Home. They don’t have control over all their employees Home WI-FI networks. WI-FI safety can be improved by following below steps –

  • Change WI-FI network passwords regularly.
  • Change Router passwords, dont use defaults.
  • Create a Guest Network.
  • Update Router Firmware regularly.

These steps will help Employees but they cannot help the organization. Organizations need to find a better solution to safe guard their data.

What is the solution for Work From Home?

Employees needs to create separate network for Office work. They need to separate home appliances, smartphones from Work stations. This segmentation is referred to as Endpoint micro-segmentation. This helps separating employee’s device from rest of the home devices and helps protecting the Company’s data.

Be careful, inform your family members about threats. Be Safe & Secure.