Soda Fountains - Bacteria vs Health

Be careful with Soda Fountain Machines

We tend to like to think of ourselves as being clean creatures, but are we as clean as we would like to make out? Well, it seems that the answer to that has to be no. One area where we can see that this is certainly not the case is with soda fountains.

Rather disturbingly, a study that has looked at soda fountains and checked out what is in them from a scientific point of view, has come up with some results that we think might very well put you off the idea of using them ever again. Also, it makes you wonder what on earth is going on with these soda fountains at the same time.

So, what did they find that was so disturbing? Well, a staggering 48% of all soda fountains that they checked out contained fecal bacteria while 11% of them had E-coli. Now, that is staggering, and you are more than likely sitting there wondering what on earth you have been drinking as that just does not sound nice at all, which it’s not.

Are we clean as people? Maybe in some areas, but we now have to exclude the soda fountain from that list simply because the statistics show that we are throwing all kinds of bacteria in there, including things that we do not want to consume.

Hope the shop owners are cleaning the machines frequently.