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Be Careful When You Use Hangouts – Google Chat

Have you used Google Chat App – Hangouts anytime? Then this information is for you. If you had used Hangouts app in the past then make sure you check this suggestion. Every app has it’s own way of transferring and saving the photos or videos we share with others. WhatsApp will save a copy of photo/video on our device when we download them. Snapchat doesn’t save the photo/video unless we manually save. Hangouts also doesn’t save the files unless we save them manually.

Where Does Google Save Chat Photos/Videos?

If you are using Hangouts you may not be aware that Google saves all your photos and videos that you send at a location. It’s called Google Archive. Google saves all your photos/videos here – Login with your Google Account and go to “Photos from Hangouts” folder. There you can find one folder for each of the user you have communicated with. Don’t be shocked. 😉

If you have any private photos delete them. Deleting chat from Hangouts won’t delete photos from Google Archive. So be careful and don’t forget to delete your photos from Google Archive. When you try to delete a chat from Hangouts app Google will prompt and inform you that Photos are saved in Google Archive. But we generally don’t read pop ups and we just proceed and delete.

Link to Google Archive –