Asus G14

ASUS Zephyrus G14 Gaming Laptop Review

Asus G14 laptop got very good performance, really good. It is faster for multi core applications. For Gaming this got GTX 1660Ti MQ with pretty good performance. There is another variation that runs 2060Ti MQ but little expensive.

Asus G14 Size

This is a 14 inch laptop, pretty small but handy. So you get limited GPU. They couldn’t fit more GPU because the more GPU they include they have to add more cooling system. So considering the size of the device they cut short GPU little. Thermals on this laptop are really good.

Animation Matrix Screen

This laptop comes with a matrix screen on the back of the screen lid. It is nice and well done. You can configure an animated object or scroll a text. But is it really needed? It might look cool initially but later on people might not use it and save battery.

You get two variations, one with 60 Hz panel and other with 120 Hz. But this 120 Hz got little response time issue. It’s not the Asus problem because they get screens from another company. But one can prefer 120 Hz version because of its smooth display. There is no webcam for this laptop and they didn’t unclude any external camera as well.


Keyboard is pretty good. They are backlit with good spacing between keys. Track pad does it job well. It got a finger print sensor on power button. You can login with your finger touch.

Overall built is pretty good. Magnesium alloy does well and it is strong. It got two USB type C & two Type A. It got Intel WIfi 6 card inside. You can add more RAM in one slot, the other slot is fixed. It got lot of heat pipes to take care of the heat generated. You can replace the heat sinks if you want to. It has 76 Watt power battery. You will get 8.5 hours battery life.

You can also charge with USB C port. Speakers are better this year. Sound pretty clean.

Finally AMD Did It

After many years AMD pushed their limits and now they are ready to give tough fight to Intel. Intel should be worried now if they don’t keep up with their 10th Generation chips. Laptop comes with AMD Ryzen 9 4900HS or AMD Ryzen 7 4800HS. They are better than Intel 9th Generation chips.

Overall, it is a pretty good laptop. Find more details here.