iPad Pro Cursor For iPadOS

Apple Introduces Dynamic Mouse Cursor In 4th Generation iPad Pro 2020

Apple released 4th Generation iPad Pro 2020 in March 2020. It has packed the product with new features. Before the release of 4th Generation iPad Pro users have the option to interact using Touch and Apple Pencil. Now they have added support for mouse. Now you can connect any Bluetooth mouse or a USB mouse to iPad. Here comes the important and a new change. Until today we have seen mouse cursor/pointer as an arrow/hand icon mainly. Before going into the details. Let’s look at the main new features in this new iPad Pro.

New Features in iPad Pro 2020

  • 2 Rear Cameras. 10 MP Ultra Wide & 12 MP Wide. Shoots 4K Videos.
  • LiDAR Scanner – Light Detection and Ranging – Used to find distance between object and lens.
  • Improved Augmented Reality.
  • A12Z Bionic with 8 Core graphics processor.
  • Cursor for iPadOS

Dynamic Cursor for iPadOS – iPad Pro 2020

Traditional cursor doesnot change its shape when you point at different menu items. It will change into | when you are editing a document. Apple’s iPad is mainly designed to take touch based input. Later as the competitors are using stilus/pen as input method, Apple also created a Pen but they call it as Pencil.

Everyone of us got so much used to mouse cursor or pointer all these years. We donot feel the same ease or comfort while doing work on iPad using touch or Pencil. Finally Apple came up with Dynamic Mouse Cursor/Poiner.

Features of the new Cursor

Cursor changes it share according to the menu item. Apple has combined the feature of touch and regular mouse pointer. The new cursor looks like a circle by default. When you hover it on any item it will show the items context menu and it will change its shape accordingly. Check out the below video for easy understanding.

Now it is pretty easy for you to work on your documents or reach a specific point or corner on the screen with ease.

For Developers

Developers should upgrade their apps and incorporate cursor support to enhance the user experience. There are few apps which work on traditional PC with help of mouse, now they can bring those apps to iPad Pro. This will help them to reach more users and users can work on the go.

Required Improvements

We have to take into account that this is a very new feature for iPadOS. So there are few things that Apple should work on to improve the feature.