Amazing 21-inch-long tongue

Tongue – A giraffe is a pretty cool animal, and it is certainly different than anything else that you will have ever set eyes on in your life. However, its dimensions also mean that it has a number of rather cool party tricks under its sleeve that would be hard for any other animal to be able to beat.

Take its ears, for example. They are themselves pretty impressive, but they are just so high up, and it begs the question as to how on earth they are able to keep them clean. The answer to that is simply that the giraffe will lick them clean. Now, if you are wondering as to how it is able to do this, then keep in mind that it has an amazing 21-inch-long tongue.

Yes, 21 inches!

With a tongue that size, it’s no wonder that it is able to do things such as clean out its ears, but we still would not fancy doing that with our own tongue, if we had that choice.