Agriculture – Where are the farmers?

For many centuries Agriculture is the main occupation for most of the people. Civilizations cherished because of farming.
People used to travel from place to place in search of water and proper soil for agriculture. It even provided work for many.
Not just raising crops they used to take care of cattle too. Milk, Meat & other by products created various revenue options.

Due to industrialization people started working in industries. Slowly the count of available workers for agriculture decreased.
In present days it is very difficult to find workers as they are opting for works at building construction sites, factories and many got migrated to cities.

Agriculture is the last option for youth

There are many reasons for it, few are listed below –

  • Importance of agriculture is not taught in school or college to students.
  • No field trips to agriculture lands. But they organise industrial trips, trekking and other activities.
  • Parents don’t encourage their children to take up this as profession.
  • Factories and Software Companies offer better facilities at work.
  • It’s a hard job. We need to work in tough weather conditions.
  • Youth are after fixed monthly salary not no guarantee agriculture.
  • It primarily depends on weather. Heavy rains or drought conditions will incur loses.
  • Society is not giving proper respect to a person who is a farmer.
  • Farmers face problems in selling their products. They cannot quote the selling price, middle men dictate the terms.
  • The number of farmers commit suicide every month is creating bad impression.

I agree that it’s a tough job and luck (climate) plays its part. But if people stop becoming farmers then who will grow crops?
In future big companies might take lands from farmers for lease or buy them and grow crops in large quantities.
If that happens then companies dictate what we should buy, at which price and what we should eat.

Government help

Government should help farmers starting from providing good seeds, fertilizers till selling the products.
They need to set up more research & development units to find seeds which can grow in tough conditions.
They should encourage students to study courses on agriculture.
We need better water management processes and stop fights between States for water.
It should continuously guide farmers in reducing expenditure, learning new & effective techniques.
Middle men buy more percentage of products from farmers. Government should have control over it and it should buy more directly from farmers.
Grading system should have Government approved standards.
Instead of pleasing farmers by giving ₹4-6K per acre Government should give quality seeds, water and better markets.

Hope at least 20% of next generation youth become farmers and not become doctors, engineers, drivers and others.

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