Kaprosuchus Crocodile

A Terrifying Crocodile That Can Run

When it comes to animals, there are perhaps few out there that can create such a sense of fear and terror as the crocodile. These living dinosaurs are not the kind of animal that you want to mess around with. Simply because if they want to eat you, there is little that you can do to stop them.

However, they are certainly better in the water than out of it. So in those instances you would stand a chance of getting away, but that has not always been the case.

Instead, if we go back to the time of the dinosaurs. The area that we now know as North Africa, there was a type of crocodile that was just designed to terrify other dinosaurs. To be honest, we should be eternally grateful that it became extinct. The thought of sharing the world with this species is just not worth thinking about.

The reason for that is due to fossil hunters having discovered the remains of a crocodile that could actually gallop. Yes, it was just as good out of the water as it was when it was in it. So how lucky were we that we avoided it?

It seems that this species, known as Kaprosuchus saharicus, was quite a good runner as well. So the other dinosaurs in the area had very little chance of escaping them. You have to admit that catching this kind of animal would make for a very different program on Nat Geo Wild.

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