Things women notice in man

5 Things That Women Notice In a Man But You Don’t

Trying to woo your crush? Wondering what she’ll notice when you first talk to her? It can be pretty intimidating. Here are few things women notice in a man. Did you know women notice your nails? Weird! but true. From your nose hair to fragrance.

Nose Hair

It is definitely weird. But the first thing women notice is the hair peeking out of your nose. Most people find that disgusting in fact this is a grooming fail at the highest level. Even worse than bad breath. There was a survey conducted by the men’s health magazine. They asked 400 of their women’s health readers to choose who they would talk to at the bar the one with the visible nose hair or a man with terrible breath. The results were nothing less than extraordinary 46 percent of women preferred talking to men with bad breath over someone having visible nose hair. That’s pretty telling in itself so you better get your body grooming kit ready that fine hair trimmer has some work to do. Just pinch your nose and twist it to the left, cut off whatever nose hair is visible to you. Do the same with your other nostril. Some nose hair is necessary because they keep you safe from foreign particles entering your body.

So don’t go nuclear on each and every one of them just the visible ones.


What about your nails? Just like how men look at women’s nails women do that too. But for different reasons. Women look at the state of your nails trimmed nails with clean cuticles will tell them you take good care of your hygiene. This makes you attractive to them. Long nails with dirt under them are highly unattractive. Even long unkept nails turn women off, that very long pinky fingernail trim it down all your nails should be properly trimmed clean and have healthy cuticles.

Do you constantly bite your nails? Take steps to control it immediately. It puts women off for various reasons. First of all biting your nails sends the message that you’re tense and unconfident. Your nails will also be in really bad shape. Many people feel gross at the sight of someone biting their nails or tearing the skin around them. Not to mention it can cause infection and is a sign of poor hygiene. Your nails carry dirt and germs. You can even get sick.

Accessories & Fragrance

This says a lot about you. Especially your watch timepieces seem like they never go out of style. After all they’ve been around since the 1500s so men definitely love them for a reason whether it’s a pocket watch or a smartwatch. Women notice the watch you wear, classy watches send a signal power and authority. Sports watches say that you’re a fun-loving easy-going person. Smart watches add the aura of a polished modern man to your look. Anything you love just remember to wear the watch that is in sync with your personality. It says a lot about who you are.


Nobody likes being around someone who smells bad. That’s a given but going the extra mile to make sure you smell nice will get you instant attention from women. You don’t need to smell like roses to increase your appeal. A nice pair of cologne and perfume would work well having your signature scent is sexy. But don’t let it take you too far excessive perfume screams that you’re trying too hard for attention.


Women notice your smile. It sounds cheesy but it’s true. If you’re looking to grab attention from the woman of your dreams master the art of smiling not wide grins. You’re not the joker here, just that seductive james bond style smile. A man rocking a killer outfit looks a hundred times more attractive when he flashes a gentle smile. Make sure you smile with your eyes too, dead eyes paired with a smile is the number one way to appear creepy and scare her away.

Eye contact

Looking to hold your crush’s attention? Well maintain healthy eye contact while talking. Look her directly in the eyes when she’s talking to you. People are more drawn to you it tells her you’re taking an interest in what she’s saying. This creates very subtle intimacy that’ll bring you too close together but note that the key word here is healthy. The line between looking her in the eyes passionately and giving a creepy stare is pretty thin. Look at her but don’t stare break off any eye contact in between to prevent it from being awkward. Never look straight into her eyes for more than a few seconds anything beyond one minute might be intimidating and scary.

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