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5 Surprising Qualities That Women Find Attractive in Men

While men may often think that women like bad boys, this isn’t always true. Let us find the qualities that women find attractive in men. Keep in mind though, this will obviously be subjective.

The Art of Storytelling

It shouldn’t be a surprise that women like a good conversation. What’s more appealing? Well, the ability to tell a story. One of the first things that women notice in men is whether or not they are well-spoken. This is why women put so much emphasis on men who know their way around words. This is true even when they are making friends. If you have female friends, you may have noticed how they are constantly trying to strike up a conversation. They want to see how well can you tell a story. If you are someone who knows how to do it then you won’t have a problem. In case you aren’t, then you might end up at the bottom of the dating pool.

So, it would be better if you can sharpen your skills in this department. And , now you know why women go head over heels with good songwriters, authors, writers and lyricists. It is their ability to engage them with a good story that makes them so appealing.

A Sense of Humor

Sense of humor is considered attractive to women. Sure, you may be a good looking guy, a very talented artist but a sense of humor would add more credibility to your resume. Not only will you be perceived as more attractive, but also a very positive person. People are in constant search of someone who’s personality can help them through tough times. What better person to possess that trait than your partner?

So if you’re looking for a girlfriend, it might be best to brush up on your humour. Keep in mind though, having a sense of humor does not equal being mean. So, don’t try to crack lame jokes and pass them off as hilarious. This will make you seem like a horrible person and you don’t want that.

Be Kind

Believe it or not, kindness is a turn-on. Although, it is harder to be kind than to be cruel. This is because kind people often get exploited by others to do their bidding. People who see this happening around them as kids often grow up to be cold and distant. This is why kindness is becoming more of a forgotten skill. You should really consider being kind though.

In a recent survey conducted on 400,000 singles, it was found that around 82% of women related kindness as one of the most important traits. Who knew kindness had so many fans? Hang on, this wasn’t the most staggering thing. Because on the same survey, it was also found that about 70% of men stated that kindness was attractive.

So when men like it so much themselves, maybe they can try living by the policy, “Give kindness and receive kindness.” On top of that, you will appear more attractive to women.

Your Resolve

One of the most attractive things for a woman in a man is his resolve. Now, resolve may seem like a very simple word but it isn’t something that everyone has. A man’s resolve is his firm determination when it comes to getting something done. Women like that in men and they often actively seek it. This is why, if you are someone who isn’t ambitious enough, you may not be seen as attractive. Now, you might be wondering, “Why would anyone care about what I want to do with my life?” Well the answer is simple, it is inspiring.

Relationships don’t work on a 50-50 basis, it isn’t about someone doing their half and the other one doing their half. It’s about two people doing the best they can to make it work. To make a relationship work, one needs to have the patience required to navigate through tough times. If you give up after a fight then it might not impress them. This is why women seek partners who have a strong resolve. Men with strong resolve don’t give up easily. They are always focused on their goals and have the passion necessary to turn their dreams into reality.

Determination is inspiring. So, when you see women drooling over successful men, it’s neither the money nor the status that attracts them, it’s the resolve. So, what are you waiting for? If you want to attract women then get up and do something with your life.

Be Good At What You Do

Yes, you read that absolutely right. You will have to be good at what you do if you want to attract women. This doesn’t mean that you should sit on the couch all day simply because you are “good” at it. It means you must be good at your work, or for that matter your hobby. Women are very observant and they try to notice everything around them. They are also more adaptive and more socially aware. They want to be updated on everything that is happening around them.

So, you can try doing that too. It would only work in your favor. If you can add your own brilliance in the mix by being good at your job or hobby, then chances are women will hear about you. It doesn’t take long for women to notice anything. So, if you are a budding artist or you have been awarded, “Employee of the Month” many times, the women will know. While for you it’s an achievement, for them it’s something very impressive. They will see you as a person who likes to go and get things done.

Additionally, you will be perceived as someone who likes challenges and excels at them. Chances are, women may be drawn to that. Just be good at what you do and you’ll be in luck. So, do you have any of these qualities that women find attractive? What qualities do you think that women find attractive?

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