Husband Should Adjust

5 Points Husband should accept and adjust.

Men (husband) believe that it is only women who have to adjust after marriage. But it’s not true. Men should keep few things in mind for a happy married life. Ego’s are playing a huge role these days in a relationship. The day you start thinking that you are superior to your wife, then consider that is the start for your downfall. Check the below points and find where you stand in her life.

Don’t Take Her For Granted

Once girl enters into your life don’t dump all your responsibilities on her. She is not a salve for you to do whatever you want & whenever you want. It’s your responsibility to take care of your parents if they are staying with you. Don’t expect your wife to be a maid to your parents. Help & share the work with her.

Value her parents, don’t look down at them. When her parents are giving you immense respect that doesn’t mean you a lord or a ruler of them. Be as a son to them, take care of her parents as your parents. Try to visit her parents frequently, or at least call them whenever you get time. When you hurt her or make a mistake apologize to her, don’t expect her to forget and move on.

Give Her Time

For a newly married girl it takes time to get adjusted to her new place. If in-laws are also staying together then it will be more difficult for her to adjust. Give her ample amount of time, don’t force or rush or dump things on her soon. There are these general expectations from a wife in our society, that she should take care of cleaning house and clothes, cooking and other household expenses. It is not easy for anyone to take up all these things from day one.

Help her in doing these things, share the burden of her. Give her time and let her do things on her own comfort. Discuss with her regularly on how she wants to manage and ask if she needs any changes. Hire a maid if she cannot manage office work and home chores.

Let Her Enjoy Her “Me Time”

Everyone wants to have their me time, wife is no exception. Whether she is working or a home maker, husband should not take away wife’s me time. If she is reading a book or doing some DIY or just enjoying view from the balcony, let her do it. Don’t pass bad or sarcastic comments.

Don’t Force Her For Sex

You should have control on your feelings, don’t try to jump on her whenever you need sex. If you cannot control then help yourself in washroom. Sex without consent is a sin & crime as well. You are not animal to force someone into these things. God has given brain to think of other person’s situation and act accordingly. Have control on your senses, use common sense and proceed.

Don’t try to implement all your crazy ideas on her. Ask her if she wants to try it or not. Don’t treat her as a slave, she is your soulmate.

Consider Her Opinion

Don’t enter into a girl’s life with the same bachelor mind. You need to discuss on each and every point that is related to your personal life as well. Some men they don’t even discuss on major family decisions like future planning, investments. Don’t think women cannot solve your problems. If you have any issue discuss with her, she might suggest you a solution. Do not pass degrading comments or make fun of her ideas or suggestions in-front of others.

Don’t forget that she is a better multitask-er than you. She will have better idea on how to complete work even during hectic schedule. Don’t hesitate to take her advice or help.

Final Thoughts

The best moment of your life is when a girl believes in you and accepts you as her husband. If you treat her well then you will be ruling her heart, she will treat you as the king of the world ( though you are not 🙂 ). Try to be a better husband.

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