Online Shopping Tips

3 Main Tips For Safe Online Shopping

Online Shopping – COVID-19 is changing our lives rapidly. The year 2020 is bringing changes how we think and how we do things. COVID-19 made us to stay clean and wash hands regularly. We are using internet services more than ever. It is safe to shop online in these COVID-19 times rather than going out even if you are covered completely.

This increase in online transactions also creates an opportunity for bad people. They try to trouble us and get access to our information and money. Don’t Worry, Stay Calm. Following these tips will help you to get through your online shopping in a safe way. At times we get excited and forget about the learned safety tips, which results in loss of money and information. So you need to be very careful each time you shop online.

Keep Your Device Updated

Mobile or Laptop software providers will be pushing you security updates regularly. Please do install them regularly. Don’t use old systems or mobiles which are not having latest software and security patches. If you continue to use then there is a chance that latest powerful viruses and malware might take control and access your critical information.

Use in-built anti virus or security systems. Do not turn them off. If you want more sophisticated anti-virus then you purchase and install one.

Buy From Reputed & Well Known Websites or Apps

Every day new websites are getting created all over the world. Many at times fraud websites run eye catching ads over internet, don’t fall for them. Use a well known website or app. If you want to try a new website then you need check few things before placing an order.

Tips For Online Shopping On New Websites & Apps


  • Check for padlock symbol beside the website address, it represents security.
  • Prefer the site with HTTPS like (don’t click it’s a sample website name).
  • Check for reviews on the website.
  • Search for more information about the website.
  • Check if they are providing return, refund and other product services.
  • Check if they have any customer care support contact details.
  • Call them or e-mail them to check facts.


  • Check reviews and ratings before downloading the app.
  • Check for feedback from people who has given rating less than 3.
  • Find out their return, refund and product service details.
  • Find their customer service details.

Credit Card is Better Than Debit & Direct Transfer For Online Shopping

It is better to use a Credit Card with low limits, if any fraud occurs the loss will be less and you won’t lose money immediately from your account. If you use a debit card or do a direct transfer then your money will get deducted immediately from your account. Hackers can take away all your savings if they get hold of your debit card information.

Check your bank account and statements regularly for amount deductions. If you find anything suspicious report to the bank immediately. For any unknown transactions if you receive messages or e-mails with debit amount details and few links then don’t click on those links. Go to the bank website and check for customer care details and call them.

Extra Tip – Don’t Click On Random Attractive Ads

Advertises implement various attractive methods to lure you. They drive you to click and do some action on their sites or ads. Please be careful when clicking on ads. Do not provide any information to an unknown website or app.

If you find a crazy deal on a new website then don’t place the order immediately. First check reviews, policies and customer support details.

Recently there is spike in number of cases where the seller is not shipping the product after payment. Please be careful, it’s better to avoid new/unknown websites for few months.

Don’t click on links that you receive through e-mails. Visit the website directly and find more details of the offers or products the website is selling.

Have a safe online shopping. 🙂