Android 11 Privacy and Security

3 Main Android 11 Privacy And Security Features For Users

Privacy and Security are core for any Operating System. It provides confidence for the users and safe guards user data. Google has been making changes to Android’s Privacy and Security in every release. Let’s check the main changes to Privacy and Security in Android 11.

One-time Permission

In Android 10 Google has introduced granular location permission that limit access the app only when it is in use (foreground). In Android 11 Google is going to provide One-time permission feature. With this when the app requests for permission to access Camera or Microphone or location, user can provide access for one-time use.

App will ask for permission again when user uses it the next time.

Background Location

In Android 10 you can see if an app is using location services in background. Android will send you reminder about the same. You can either stop or downgrade the permission given to the app. In Android 11 location access in background is not given to the apps directly.

First apps will ask you to provide permission for foreground usage. Later if the app still requires background permission then you will receive a prompt to provide permission. You will be navigated to Phone settings to provide the access.

With this feature, users can be sure that the location is not tracked by apps continuously.

Permissions Auto-rest

This is a very much needed feature to all of us. We download many apps but use only few regularly. Some of the apps are used once a month or quarter based on the requirement. Now with Android 11 Google will revoke all the permissions you have given to the app if you have not used it for an extended period of time. Google has not mentioned the exact number of days.

Next time when you open the app after many days, app will request you again to provide the required permissions.

Developers can learn about more features in the Android 11 Beta developer site