Apple's Carbon Footprint

25.2 Million Metric Tons Of CO2e – Apple’s carbon footprint

Apple has successfully reduced carbon footprint over previous years. They have brought down 35 percent compared to 2015. Apple’s Supplier Clean Energy Program helped to lower the carbon footprint by nearly 3.6 million metric tons compared to last year.

What is carbon footprint?

The amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere. Individual, organization or community is responsible for the production of green house gases. The gases are released by the machines we use daily. The carbon is harmful to the environment.

Apple’s Contribution

In fiscal year 2018, Apple’s carbon footprint is 25.2 Million Metric Tons of CO2e. Over the past few years Apple is trying to reduce the impact on environment in all possible ways. They have even made changes to product design that reduce carbon footprint.

Sourcing aluminum made with hydroelectricity and recycled content, improving product energy efficiency, and redesigning integrated circuits to use less silicon. Together, these product design changes resulted in 4.8 million fewer metric tons of carbon emissions compared to 2017.

Division of Carbon footprint

  • 74% Manufacturing
    • Integrated Circuits
    • Boards and flexes
    • Aluminium
    • Steel
    • Electronics
    • Display
    • Final Assembly
    • Other Manufacturing
  • 19% Product Use
    • iOS Active Charge
    • macOS Active
    • macOS Idle
    • Other
  • 5% Product Transport
  • 2% Corporate Facilities
  • <1% End of life

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