10 awesome tips and tricks for Mac users

Change your volume and brightness in smaller increments on Mac

To do this on your Mac hold down the shift and option buttons on your keyboard and hitting those volume controls. When you do this you’ll notice that you’re not going down by one notch anymore. It’s actually much smaller increments so if you want to get your volume or even your brightness to a very fine level you’ll be able to do that with this.

Sign a document

When you don’t have access to a printer nearby and you need to sign a document. To do this, all you have to do is open a preview, maybe open up a PDF that you need signed. Go to tools in the menu bar, then annotate and then signature and then you can sign with the trackpad. But we know that’s gonna come out pretty badly so to the right of that you can see camera. Now with this camera feature all you have to do is sign a piece of paper with the signature. Then use the camera to scan it and take the text of your signature and throw it on to any PDF or document.

This is a real lifesaver if you don’t have access to a printer or scanner. Because it looks exactly like your signature since it is and you can place it wherever you want on the document.

Close Applications

Hit command, option and the Escape key. You will be able to close out applications within this little window. You can also go to Activity Monitor to close out applications but this is a hassle thing.

Mac Custom message on your lock screen

In case you happen to misplace something like your MacBook Pro, you can leave a message on where to call or a way to send the MackBook Pro in case someone finds it. Go to security preferences, security and privacy general. Then set lock screen message. If you’re using your Mac in a lot of public spaces definitely take advantage of this feature.

Mac Document Versions

If you are someone who works with a lot of documents you’re gonna like this one. Mac OS actually saves the previous versions of documents so that you can access them even after you’ve already saved. To be able to see all those versions all you have to do is hit the file menu, go to revert to and then browse all versions. This pretty much pulls up something that looks like time machine and you get to see all the different variations of the document that you made previously. If you want you can just go back to the one that fits your criteria hit done or restore.

Remote Control

If the remote user is on the internet then all you have to do is open up spotlight by hitting command and the spacebar, type in screen sharing and you type in their Apple ID. Then it’ll prompt them and ask them if they want to give permission for you to control their screen. Boom you’re able to control someone else’s screen right from your own computer. This feature is built into the operating system so no need to download a third-party software or type in any special keys.

Split Screen

A split screen on your Mac – this is actually pretty simple, all you have to do is hold down that little green button at the top left corner of most applications. With this you can actually send it to the left side of the screen or the right side of the screen or you can make it fullscreen. With this feature you’ll be able to use multiple applications very neatly side-by-side and this just makes it a lot easier to do work.

If you have to take notes and have a web browser open or something or maybe even pull up your calendar and maybe some other application. It is something a lot of people don’t use but they really should and you can even adjust the size if one is more important than the other.

Unit Conversion

You can do unit conversion using spotlight. To open spotlight hit the command and spacebar. You can type in what you’re looking for right there. So if I wanted to convert something like three thousand US dollars to euros, it would tell me that currently is twenty seven hundred eleven dollars and seventy cents in euros.

Accessibility Zoom

This basically allows you to zoom all the way in on your Mac screen. To access it all you have to do is, go into your system preferences, accessibility zoom and then you hit that very first option and with that you’ll be able to zoom in by pressing command option and the plus sign or the minus sign.

Safari Videos

If you’re a Safari user and you like to watch videos while you do something on your computer. You actually have the ability to do something like picture and picture on your computer. Right-click the video and hit enter picture-in-picture and with this you’ll get that little pop-up where your video goes to like the bottom of the screen.

You can actually adjust the size move it around place it wherever you need to and then you’ll be able to use another application while you’re watching your video. It doesn’t work for every website out there and I believe for YouTube you have to like click it twice or something so everywhere is a bit different but it is a cool feature to access.

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